How to Get The Most Satisfaction from an Escort

Escort services are common in most countries these days. Being a paid service, you must make sure each coin you spend for the escort counts. This means that you have to make sure you milk maximum satisfaction from the escort. Now, imagine you are meeting a total stranger, but you want to benefit from the encounter fully. To get maximum satisfaction from an escort, below are some things to do:

Be friendly

The first thing to make the escort comfortable with you is by being friendly to them. Treat them like a lady the escort aspect aside. Avoid being too bossy around them. This may make the escort not comfortable or free around you. She will not give her best to a tough client who now looks like a “rapist”. Always use respectful words like; please, pardon, am humbled, etc. Make them feel as if they already knew you. This makes the escort very friendly in return.

Be romantic

You can make evening plans for you two at the city’s best joint for a glass of wine; you can go and watch a movie at the cinema, you can go out and watch the stars at night. Let the escort feel for one moment like your women. She will reciprocate your gesture with the wild her. You can also share romantic stories with her to create a romantic mood in the room.

This softens every woman’s heart and in fact, arouses them. When the escort is excited, they will give you the satisfaction you really wanted from within and not just because you are paying.

Focus on foreplay

Just because you are paying for the escort service doesn’t mean that you have to rush to things like an amateur. Take things slowly with some foreplay. Remember that you are dealing with a lady like any other. They need to be prepared to be sexually ready. One of the best and proven ways is through foreplay.

Make sure they really want it. This way, they will be wild and sexually ready for the hot sex you want. They will even be very willing to do that dirty sex act your girlfriend doesn’t offer.

Try out different sex positions.

An escort from is someone who is equipped with sexual knowledge and skills than you may even imagine. You cannot compare them to your spouse. They are trained to be sexually wild. Utilize this fact and experiment every sex position that comes in your mind. Try what you hear but never practiced. For extra pleasure, let the escort be in control, and you won’t regret the pleasure.

With the above, be sure, you will enjoy every bit in the company of the escort. You will get maximum satisfaction; more than you ever imagined.

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