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If only we could choose our faith before we are born, inevitably we decide to be someone that already wealthy to avoid too much struggle. But life is not that easy; even wealthy people struggle with their problems. Problems won’t leave us until we are alive, it is part of our life, and without it, and there is no challenge. Every challenge in our life helps us to grow and improve ourselves. Improvement is essential to everyone since we learned from every mistake and entered a new phase in life. When you are born poor, life is no easy and uncomfortable. Every day you have to strive hard and face new challenges in life. But it doesn’t mean that being poor has no chance to become successful. We heard different stories about successful person came from being poor and how they have strived hard to make their life changed. When you have nothing in life, it is not a hindrance to making a change in yourself; you have many options, you be positive to be able to achieve everything you want in life. If you’re going to be successful, you have to work hard and determine your goals in life.

My name is Jane; my life is not perfect at all. I experienced a growth that looks like hell; it is burning me and wants to die. Sometimes, the world is cruel and unfair to me. Every day I faced different problems and challenges, and it’s hard to fight when you are not done yet solving the other problem another has come again. I have stopped believing in dreams and wishes since nothing has changed on my life. I even stop praying because of unanswered prayers. Sometimes I think my life is a pile of rubbish and I cannot help it. All my life, my parents have never on my side. They left me at my aunt, but they never treated me like one of their blood. I lost, and I don’t know where to go.

One sleepless night, I look up in the stars and starts to dream again about life. And there’s come to my mind to be positive to what is happening. The next day, I prepared myself even if I am not so sure if this could work for me, I went to West London Escorts Agency from and applied myself. I heard many stories about them, and most have succeeded in life. When I got hired, I became more positive, I started to dream of big things, and my faith comes back. Perhaps there is a perfect time for everything. After years of working, my life has changed, and everything I have is the fruit of my labor. I am born poor, but I will die rich.

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